Build Your Brave - January 2021

Susie Helland bathing suit build your brave diet Love Yourself Summer Vernon BC


Diet culture is driving me crazy these days. So much out there seems to focus on weight instead of health. It makes us feel not good enough. Like we have to constantly focus on our appearance instead of what is inside. If our mind isn’t right, how can we expect the rest to be?

Phrases like - It’s time to get your body back? I have my body. It never left. It just looks a little different. Work on getting a Bikini body - put on a fricking bikini. There you go. Now you have a bikini body.

Perfect body, ideal body, summer body. Is there even such a thing? Just like how all of our faces are different, so are our bodies. Why do we constantly wish for a different one. Why do we wish our legs were less jiggly, our tummy’s smaller, or our faces less puffy? Quarantine 15! Just stop it already!

Your body is the vehicle in which you get to experience life. Think about it. Handshakes and hugs..Altho maybe not during Covid. Floating in the pool with the sun on your face. Conversations. Kisses. Hiking through nature. Walking onto a plane.... ugh. I miss planes! Getting into your car. Breathing! Growing a human inside of you! Waking up today!

Start being more generous to it. The words you use to describe it. The feelings you feel about it. The things and places you avoid because you don’t want it to be seen. The dark clothes you wear in hopes to blend in with the background. The pictures you don’t take. Or the ones you do take and then delete because you focus on what you don’t like.

Please stop waiting until the number on the scale is smaller. Love yourself now. Do the things now. Wear the bathing suit now! Don’t curse it for the way you differ from someone else. When you’re gone, no one is going to say “if only she weighed less.”

Apologize to your body. This is where your healing begins. XO